Death knells chime beckoning forth reckless carnage and chaos.

"Sacrifice, Perish and Demise" was just the herald before the true vanguard of destruction....the debut full-length "The Apotheosis of Death" featuring the 35 minute epic title track and 4 deadly hymns embracing iconoclasm, darkness and vengeance.

Recording begins on the 8th of August at Revolver Studios New Zealand. If you haven't already succumbed to the power and might of Exordium Mors, then this recording will certainly force you into servitude.

In futher news, with malevolent pride, we announce that Exordium Mors are supporting Polish Black/Death titans BEHEMOTH! on their tour of New Zealand.

Playing along side with our brothers: Death/Thrash monsters Nullifier and the Heathen Black Metal chaos Winter Deluge - this will make it the night a landmark in NZMetal history.

Buy your tickets as this will surely sell out. Ticket and further information can be found here :